Raybench - Crystal (PLC pt.13)

I wasn't planning this article, but it just came up after some hype in Hacker News (see here, here and here), about the Crystal programming language. »

Raybench - Nim (PLC pt.12)

As it's FAQ page explains, Nim is an imperative programming language, that tries to give the users ultimate power without compromises in runtime efficiency; and it »

Raybench - Go (PLC pt.11)

Go is a programming language created by Google in 2007 by Robert Griesemer. It is a compiled language with static typing, embracing the imperative style of »

Raybench - Elixir (PLC pt.10)

As it's wikipedia entry states, Elixir is a functional, concurrent and general purpose programming language that runs on top of the Erlang virtual machine. Appearing around »